Thursday, June 23, 2011

Holly Weigh-In: 6-23-11

Starting Weight: 180.3
This Week: 180.0
Weight Lost: 0.3 lbs

Dear Birthday Weekend:
You suck. How dare you be filled with delicious high-calorie brisket, sushi, macadamia nut chicken, pie, strawberry shortcake and pulled pork sammies!! Don't you know that I am trying to lose weight?! WTF?!

Eff' you.

The Fatty resentfully snacking on raw vegetables

I did not exercise. It is too hot. And I am tired. And it was my birthday week. So there.

I am back on track for my calorie counting, and I generally do really well until C goes to sleep...then I get my second wind for the day and I stay up doing homework or watching a little tv and I want to snack. I know that I'm not hungry but I am so used to snacking and eating at night that it is crazy hard to break that habit. I'm going to try to stop eating after 9 pm this week and while I'm at the beach this weekend I am going to keep to my calories as best as I can (the girls want to go to some famous hamburger bar and a gelato place too...psh) and I'm planning on taking my running shoes so that I can get in some jogging/power walking in the morning on the sand. I'm not PROMISING that will happen, but I'm going to try. I'm also going to do Jillian's video at least twice. That feels doable to me, but seriously it is just soooo hot here that it sucks all of the motivation right out of me. I just want to lay around in my underwear until the sun goes down.

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