Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lindsey Weigh In, June 8


Starting weight: 193
Current weight: 193


I'm definitely following the 1500 calories every day. I can tell it's getting a LITTLE easier. But I still want to manage my stress with food. And sometimes I just estimate what I'm eating. That's not bad once in a while, but when I do it for the whole day, I bet I'm off by 100 calories or so and that's no good. I don't see my stagnant weight as a reflection of my efforts this week because I know I did good. I just think my body responds slowly. But that makes it hard... I always wane in motivation when I can't see progress.

This week's goals:
*Girls' weekend in Flagstaff, I won't be counting calories. Not even gonna apologize for that.
*Do 100 crunches on any day I don't exercise.
*Exercise! The weekend's gonna be hard, but I'll set the goal to at least work out TWICE for 30 minutes each time before next Wednesday. There, it's in print. Now I have to.
*Start South Beach on June 14th. That's going to be hard core. But I'm looking forward to the quick weight loss and getting away from the carb cravings.

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