Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Holly Weigh-In: 6-8-2011

Previous weight: 184.6
Current weight: 182.1
Total weight loss:  2.5 lbs

I'm not going to lie...I'm a wee bit skeptical of this new number. I weighed myself on my mom's digital scale to begin, and weighed myself on my new weight watchers digital scale today. So, digital must mean that it is accurate, right? I have been doing pretty well with my calorie count (at the very least I am definitely eating less than before, even if I don't stay at or under my goal caloric intake each day) but thanks to this crazy summer class and the fact that C has been going to bed much later than normal, I haven't made time to exercise like, at all. BUT I did exchange my too-heavy weights for some nice 5 pounders so that I can get through more than the warm-up of the 30 day crunch video. So...that's something. Right?

As soon as I get this paper turned in then I should have a *little* more time for exercise, at least enough for the 40 minute video. 

P.S. We should really get some pictures up on here...

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  1. I think ANY exercise counts for either of us because we're doing NOTHING right now! You did great--2.5 pounds is awesome!