Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Starting Stats-Holly

starting weight: 184 (oh dear...)
pounds left to lose: 39
waist: 40"
hips: 44"
upper arm: 13"
thigh: 23"

According to the MyFitnessPal app I have on my phone, in order to reach my goal weight I need to restrict myself to 1440 calories a day. WHAT THE HELL?!! Lame.

Today I actually did pretty well and ended the day with 1420 calories. I fully expect to wake up starving and pissed, but I guess if that is what it takes... I also did a whopping 10 minutes of Jillians 30 day crunch. It was brutal. I am so very, very out of shape. I didn't even make it out of the "warm up". I'm going to go ahead and blame it on the fact that I am using 8 pound weights when I should be using 5 pound weights. Did you know that when I met Gary I was doing my curls and tricep dips with 20 pound weights?! No wonder I had such rockin' arms!

And so it begins...

P.S. If you don't want to keep track of the waist/arms/hips/etc measurements then that is totally cool. I'm just hoping to slim down in these areas so I want to know where I'm at. Also, I'm going to try and post my victories and concerns here, but I will try to only weigh in/measure once a week...apparently on Wednesdays? What do you think...anything else you want to do with this blog? I really just need a workout buddy that I can be accountable to so I'm down for whatever! Oh, and I'm going to be super brave and take pictures to post on here...not tonight because I am super gross right now (like covered in sawdust and grime gross) but tomorrow I will get a picture up. Want to do that too? Please?

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