Monday, July 4, 2011

Lindsey Weigh In, July 4

I'm switching to a Monday weigh-in because my brain works better that way.

Starting weight: 193
Current weight: 185

I am very happy with my progress so far! I can tell I'm getting thinner because my clothes fit better and my stomach doesn't stick out as much. I only exercised two times last week and I hate that. The Jillian stuff is only 20 minutes, so I should be able to make time for it, but life sometimes gets in the way. I was perfectly faithful to the South Beach Diet though, so that's good. I got to add back in some carbs, so I'm pretty happy! I do feel a little sick of vegetables, but as soon as I eat them and they taste so good and they keep me full for so long, I remember why I like eating them.

This week's goals:
DIET: Stick to South Beach. I get to add back in another carb every day, so now I'll have three servings a day. I think I could stay there for a while. It includes cereal as long as it has lots of fiber and low sugar, plus I get to have a serving of fruit every day. And I can now have dark chocolate "occasionally;" I don't know what they mean by occasionally, so I'm trying once every three days. I don't think that'll make me gain back too much weight, especially since it's only one ounce, which is SIX hershey's kisses... that sounds like so few, but it's really a lot!

EXERCISE: I really want to work out four times this week. I know I can do it--maybe if it gets to Friday and I haven't done enough, I'll have to give up on my evenings of tv-watching and sewing to get all four workouts in. I really like the 30-day Shred and I feel like I'm getting better at it, so that's pretty motivating. I just have to focus on those size ten jeans hanging up in my room... I really want to fit back into those, so bad!! I'm hoping I can do it before 2012, but as long as I keep progressing, I'm okay with it taking a little longer. Maybe next Spring I can be skinny for a while before getting pregnant again! :p

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