Thursday, June 2, 2011

Starting Stats-Lindsey

Starting weight: 193
Pounds left to lose: 33
Goal date: December 31 (roughly 5 pounds per month)

Current workout plan: I'm doing 100 crunches a day on any day I don't do a workout or exercise of some kind. The part I hate most on myself right now is my flabby tummy so hopefully that will start sucking in soon. I will be attempting workouts every morning during Jacob's first nap, aiming for 4 workouts of 40 minutes each per week. I'd love to start running too but it's getting too warm. But I'm planning on running the Santa Monica Christmas 5K in December, so I'll start running again in the Fall.

Current eating plan: I'm not eating after 8pm and I'm simply trying to make good choices. Heaven knows I need more restriction than that! So I'll stick to 1500 calories per day until I start South Beach on June 14th. Then I won't count calories, just follow their plan.

At least Summer is a little easier without crazy food-eating holidays. And the motivation to not be flabby in my swimsuit is pretty strong since Bekah wants to go to the pool EVERY DAY!

I think I want to decide on some intermediate completion dates and some "prizes" for myself, like I'm on a reality show. I think that might help. And yes, I'll do pictures of myself... eventually.

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