Thursday, July 14, 2011

Monday's weigh in... a little late!

Current weight: 185

I weighed in on Monday morning. I didn't lose anything from the previous week which is annoying, but I also didn't do Jillian--I did exercise 3 times, but it was walking, not anything hard core. I followed South Beach 95% of the time, splurged once on some Oreos. But honestly, I doubt that three oreos could derail everything. I've come to believe that weight loss stalls out sometime but that's no reason to stop trying. Besides, some of my pants are fitting better already and Malcom says he's noticed my weight loss. :)

This week: I'll exercise four times--yes still a goal of four, I KNOW I can do it--and stick to South Beach. I hope to see progress again on Monday!

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