Thursday, July 14, 2011

Holly Weigh-In: 7-14-11

Before I forget (because you know I will)I weighed in this morning at 180.4. Soooo glad my weight is done bouncing around from post-San Diego sunburn trauma. I'm back to eating smaller (or maybe just appropriate?) portions though I'm not logging every single calorie I put in my mouth. Some days I do, but usually I just try to eat healthier meals or if we eat out I get a kids meal, or no fries/soda, etc.... I think that snacking is my biggest pitfall. I know that a lot of people swear that a bunch of small meals is better than 3, but that just leads me to over-snacking so I'm more or less sticking with 3 normal meals and the occasional little snack in between.

I am just the worst when it comes to exercise but I have been moving around a lot more than normal because of all the home improvements we have been doing. This week my goal is to Jillian 3 times and anything else is just gravy :) Only 35 pounds to lose! I'm hoping to get to 160 by Christmas so that is 20 ish weeks to lose 20 pounds! Woot!

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  1. 20 lbs in 20 weeks is TOTALLY doable!!!

    The whole snacking thing is really not bad, but I find that if I plan out my snacks for the day or week I do so much better! If I write it down ahead of time, I know that my snack is really just something SMALL and I don't feel limited because I know the next meal is soon.