Friday, August 12, 2011

Holly Weigh-In: 8-12-11

This morning I weighed in at 176.6. One pound down, only 11 to go to reach my Christmas mini-goal! I've really only been taking in less calories (mostly because we are flat broke and can't buy fast food, ha!) but I've also cut way back on my soda intake so I'm hoping that really helps boost how much I start losing. Ideally I would like to be done with soda other than at social events but I usually drink water when we go out to eat anyway...

This week's goal: survive. With a teething baby, two parties to plan, school starting up and no financial aid coming in at the moment I am super stressed out and just trying to get through each day. All I want to do is eat so it's a good thing that we can't afford groceries because all I would buy is chips and soda and little debbie swiss cake rolls. Geesh.

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